A new type of writing, blogging and debating platform


is a writing, blogging and debating platform.
A place for anyone who wants to write and read on any topic,
in any level of detail.

Writers, bloggers and journalists

You keep all the rights and can write on any subject, from fiction to poetry, from science
to politics, from book reviews to philosophy.
Grow your audience, interact with them and learn who they are, through detailed stats on
geography, age groups, gender and more. Scriggler is a very informal place — this is where
you can experiment — try new things and see how the audience receives them.
You have all the tools to promote your publications and it doesn't stop there. We promote
our authors ourselves via all social media channels available to us. Use our collective
online presence to reach even more readers.

Trend setters

Form a club and select the best or most relevant publications for that club, it is like
running your own magazine. You can publicise it outside of Scriggler — it is easy to share
both the club itself and the individual articles and author profiles.


Scriggler is great for you too! You can filter, search, use popularity ratings or join clubs to
find exactly the right story or discover new talent. We have plenty of amazing content for
you to enjoy. The way our content is organised means you have a much more meaningful
way of discovering new and relevant reading material. Discover new writers through
their actual writing, here you can get the full flavour of their style before you have to
commit to reading their books.
No trolling! We have a way of dealing with abuse.
No ads! No fee!
Most importantly — we have an amazing community of very supportive individuals,
join in!



As a member you will be able to:
Publish, comment, like and dislike
Contact other members directly
See detailed stats on audience interaction with your publications
Join existing and start your own clubs —
member curated collections of publications
Search and filter publications
Keep track of what you have already read
Get rid of publications you are not interested in
Get customised recommendations on what to read next

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