Cathy Pace Matthews

Thank you for the laugh.  I do understand.  I too have curly hair but my run-in with a kiosk nut job wasn't over that.  It was about of all things my new phone.  I was looking for a protective case.  Now up front I told this hair brain idiot what I was looking for.  A good sturdy Otter in black.
This moron then proceeded to try and sell me everything he had in cutesy, pink, worthless pieces of crap.  I told him again what I wanted but his response was something like.  "But you're a girl and all girls love pink."  Not the thing to say to me for oh so many reasons and two of them are as follows.  First I HATE pink.  Second you take your age hon and multiply it by three and you would get close to my age.  Another words I'm not a girl.  I was not as cool and collected as you however.
I turned on this sawed off little piece of, well I don't have to finish that, and responded something to the effect like.
"Listen you piece of *^&% I make my living killing people. I sit around thinking of the best way to make them suffer then how to best get ride of their bodies.  Do I look like someone who would like pink?"  By the time I finished I had him backed up against his kiosk. 
My husband was standing over to the side trying hard not to laugh his butt off.  I didn't bother to tell the moron that I'm a writer and although I don't really kill people I didn't think I needed to elaborate on that at the moment.  I was surprised that someone didn't call the mall cops but they didn't.
I went to another kiosk and did buy a case for my phone.  It's called a Ballistic.  My husband thought it was appropriate.