a day in our life



A day in my life


She coming out of the bus she has forgotten the umbrella walks

slowly and her face is more African now that she is old,

she uses it as a walking stick, which she says for the aged, I think

my love for her has grown over the years, and I cannot think of

the time we were apart before we met twenty-two odd years ago.

We have Christmas day here and next day take the bus to

a hospital in Lisbon that specialises in hip replacement

We will stay the night in the metropole have good meal and look

at things- for my part rather like a grumpy North Korean leader

then back to my Algarve with trees and big boulders 

Tomorrow we are eating at a hotel they are not serving turkey but

Cabrito (goat meat) sauté potatoes and a lot of sweets I don`t care to

know about; since I`m driving only water or tomato juice.

It is an ordeal for me to be among people I don`t know I will take 5 ml

of Valium, it will keep me calm until I simmer down and laugh at bad jokes

as told by an exhibitionist. We can`t stay long since we are living in the morn

On a short walk outdoors I saw my dog she walked beside me I bent down 

to pat her head but she saw something and ran into the bushes I called her

name; Bambi come here when it dawn on me she had been dead for ten

years and it made me think of my own mortality, but not in a gloomy way.

 Sun, blue sky and stillness now the hunters have gone drinking in a cafe,

but the visit from Bambi perked me up so did a cup of coffee when coming

home, nothing out of the ordinary yet, I persist on dreaming of tomorrow


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