Divided we fell



Childhood recalled

United in some kind of a childhood

Connected by viscous sorrow

We only dared to dream of dreams

And hopes of new tomorrows

And all around our little feet

The shards of a broken home

Held together by desperation

And a fear of being alone

Light through green glass bottles

Streaming through the room

Casting emerald rays on dust and dirt

And holding back the gloom

All together yet so alone

In a house packed to the rafters

No room for bedtime fairytales

No happy ever afters

Lined up for inspection

The commander marches here

The guts are churned and stomachs turned

By the odour of stale beer

Second hand alcohol breathed in your face

Will never dull your senses

But breaks you down with nausea

And weakens your defences

And so we walked among the shards

Of this broken clan

And shivered in the shadows

Of a sad and broken man

Back then when we were small

And thought we would be small forever

We never stood up for ourselves

But we always stood together

But life moved on and so did we

With tales we'd never tell

Drifting further away and apart

Until it was divided we fell.





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