Once Upon A Time



A poem from my second book of poetry, "Fire & Ice". I wrote this after my first love and I broke up. We didn't start dating until my prom but were then and still referred to as high school sweethearts. The poem is a dispute to the happy ending theory that follows the words "once upon a time".

Once upon a time
You made me happy
Once upon a time
You and I were envied
Once upon a time
It seemed so pointless
To try to fight our happy ending

But the sh** wasn’t happy
It’s amazin’ how different things look on the outside
I was dyin’ ‘cuz you couldn’t seem to realize
That I’ve always had to be strong
But you ain’t like it ‘cuz
My strength compromised you strength
Which don’t make sense ‘cuz
Me being yours and you mine
Means we are one so ...
What’s with the competition?
Weren’t we supposed to be together or
Did I miss somethin’?

I can’t believe I’m still havin’ these thoughts
Haunted by the pain you gave after my fall
Yeah, you said you would never drop the ball
I thought that you would be the man to stand tall
But you fell short
And I never really gave it my all

I tried to share my height
Hopin’ you’d grow into man ...
Now that’s my fault

You have to be your own man
Not the product of this woman
You were born of another woman
So let her school you
I ain’t got no kids
And don’t need none yet
Ain’t it crazy how it’s hard to forget
The lyin’ life we led?


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