Seeking a total deliverance



The oddest thing can be used as motivation or inspiration.

People ask me about my beard, why I keep it. I think not of my appearance but that of David of old a man after Gods own heart when he was running for his life from the backslidden king in the wilderness and wrote the psalms.
I think of Jonh the baptist when he baptised a man and Holy Spirit descended in the shape of a dove to reveal that this man was a lamb of God sent as a sacrifice for our sins, also the apostle sent on a island of Patmos were he was rebuked, yet inspired to write the most mysterious and prophetical book on the face of the earth in the presence of a mighty angel.
I too as I run for my life from the rampaging lion in this garden of evil, will reveal what lays deep in thine heart, I too who because of sin was cast on this island of flesh and bone will be inspired to write of the mysteries of life, I just pray yee have patience with thee as I await for that same spirit to descent from the sky in the shape of dove to reveal the confirmation of mine faith, as angels accompanies me into battle to assure my victories over the wicked enemy.

Tanaka Mushoriwa 


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