Hollywood — so fickle, fame. Demanding. A tribute to Judy Garland.

Seems a risky business; what is the magnetism?

Creating captives and slaves for years

To make a name, back then

Not even the same as your own

A crowning achievement in the game

After a four-year hiatus, a final "comeback" to stop the show

But, also, the beginning of a not-so-slender swan song

In the movies, at least — you just did not know

The face of Hollywood had begun to change

New arrivals all the time; and public sentiment too

Audrey Hepburn had arrived

She could not sing

But, that face; mystified

And would more than adequately do

Brando, Hudson, Newman and Dean

And soon Presley would arrive on the scene

Yes, reality was selling now; "A Streetcar Named Desire"

Had arrived

Your own movie confirmed, what sold so well in the forties,

Innocence, had completely died


"A Star is Born",

Is actually a blatant lie

For you were decades in the making, and

In bittersweet songs, could tell us why

The limelight you chased, which captured your face

Swallowed the rest of you as well

Every little tiny pound revealed

A looser dress would have capably concealed

Alternate sides of Heaven and Hell

Skinny was in, except for a few rare cases

Marilyn and Jane Russell are some of the faces

Who looked good in something larger than a twelve

So fickle, so strange; what does and does not sell

Struggling with weight should be no great thing

Yet, it haunted you since you were a tiny underling


However, with a voice like that, you commanded the screen 

Just opening your mouth,  stealing every scene

"Easter Parade", revealed incredible versatility

Far past carrying a tune

Dancing and acting so incredibly 

A voice like that comes along, once every century

Yet, even in its' many scenes, they were more absurdly absorbed 

By your attire, your clothes 

A little too tight in some cuts; more or less of those

Your life was stolen, it was never your own

First by a parent, then the studio

And the millions of fans that you won

Who probably hadn't a clue

Of the hell you were going through


But then, your T.V. show

Was sufficient proof for all to know

You had not "up and died"

For once again

An older and new audience was left, completely satisfied

Confirming the fact, of a star — personified

A life: picked apart, inspected and opened wide

Insides spilled on a star-studded street

Where your name so rightly belongs

For, time after time, despite the skeptics

Who were skillfully proved so wrong


The life so many successfully and vainly seek

Claims the incredibly strong and the humanly weak

No other voice, persona or legend even comes close

To the legacy you left behind

Immediately to silence, and leave all enchanted,

With ears strained and heads inclined

To be charmed by that next note, melting away our cares

All one has to do is rely on eyes and ears

And hear incomparable talent, overcoming all its' fears

A heart poured into each and every song

In truth, you never did anything wrong!

Nailing every "take", right

Just making a splendid and costly living

In a business that demands more and more giving

Than what you  had to draw from, at the time

But, always and inimitably, rising to the occasion

To confirm and contradict, the "comeback" Title — "A Star is Born",

Honed and refined, one heartache at a time

To delivering cause for celebration


So fickle, is fame — churning out so many hopefuls

Faster and faster, all the time

Good or bad, rich or poor

Publicity: whatever sells is on the line

Marriage, personal struggles, is nothing sacred, anymore?

The price attached to wanting more

No, there will never be another Garland

Nor Garbo, Dietrich or Hepburn's; both

Marlon or James Dean

Cary Grant, timeless and never overshadowed, held his own

As Newman, Redford and Eastwood started claiming the screen

Others will come to claim the spotlight

But, your glow will never fade

For, ever since you sang: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

An incomparablae star was made

"That little something, extra", which made you stand out from the rest

For others to try and replicate,

Only to fall shy

Simply confirming a legend; who will never die.


December 2015


Copyright Pending — 2016 — Elaine M. Mullen "GreenOgress-Volume II"   Books available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Xlibris Publishing Corporation bookstore websites, and smaller bookstores.  "GreenOgress- Twitter"


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