This poem was inspired by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren's boldness in the midst of an terrified onslaught from then-presidential candidate Donald Trump. She was fierce. A similar spirit was shown around the world in the Jan. 21, 2017 Women's March.


for elizabeth warren

They grow fierce

girls who speak to power

that would dismiss them as angry, 

troublesome  as a gnat in midday heat,  

snowflakes to those who do not understand

who do not accept what is on their minds, 

and wish that like tiny snow drops

they might dissolve from sight

so the threatened don't have to meet them

eye-to-eye, without a blink,

nor stutter or mutter,

girls unmask,

show their woman,

frighten with truth,

show the powerful naked - 

usually wrinkly, old, guys - 

whose guy-ness is set of mind,

not limited to color or time, 

shocked naked by truth,

and stripped by the fierce words

of unusual, intelligent, articulate, grown girls,

their guy-ness flinches, 

scared by the fierce sound and sight

of girls armed with inconvenient

images and information that cannot,

be melted or controlled, 

fierce truths the powerful fear

girls fiercely grown.

- vincent f. a. golphin,  6 June16

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