144,000 Souls For The End Of Days-Chapter One: The Beginning



Time and time again, warnings towards man's slow down slop, have been marked upon this world. Nonetheless, man's moderate avoidance for self examination has become more domestic rather than a necessary way of life, oblivious to the presence of their enemies. Due to such febal habits, the time has...

Free will, one of God's greatest gifts bestowed onto man; nonetheless, their greatest tragedy. Even more so the end of days grows so near. A moment recognized in religious scriptures for long measures of time. However,  I predict defeat for man because they have chosen to ignore the many warning signs for such a cosmic cleansing. A cleansing I admit is overdue, for they have selfishly taken this planet for granted, a world created in heavens image. There have been the great many few who have attempted to warn their neighbors for such an outcome if  ways of consumption were not to alter. Unfortunately for them, those who dwell in chairs of power have climbed to untouchable height, redirecting any concerns. Who can blame God for such anger? Especially for the amount time wasted under so many belts. Belts of those driven by greed and vanity.


I have been summoned to tighten these loose ends. To search for those vessels safeguarding heavens route to a new world; portals we angels have come to name relief portals. Safe passage for those worthy. A chance to start a new. Sure our Lord could just summon storms of destruction or even move lands with great fury, but, as we all know, these attempts have only taken lives, failing towards change. It is now up to these divine many to bring mankind to their new beginnings; 144,000 to be exact.

Why 144,000 you may ask? As I have mentioned before, man embraces free will. If they choose to follow our fallen brothers into the darkness they will be lost as so will the portals they possess. This is why I have been called on. To search and educate towards their purpose in this life. And who am I? I am Peter, known to many bible readers as St. Peter, the angel who tends the golden gates to heaven. Why pick me? The only other two worthy of such a task beside myself would be Michael and God himself. No one with dark intent can pass our judgment.

Although no man can cover their true intent once standing before the gates, we are unable to de-cloth their camouflage, meaning, which way their souls pray while on earth. This is why every year a handful of seekers are born to the world. I have been told these humans have the ability to see into the soul of man. If their soul has been untouched by darkness a white ray of light will be revealed in the vessels eyes to the seeker. However, if they have turned, a strip of black shall be present.


Our time calls for drastic measures and if this is the only way, so be it. As I find myself painting a new canvas of purpose, I have summoned a few good angels to follow me down to earth just in case Lucifer attempts are successful. One of heaven's lost angels, the lost angel. A story all of its own. He who has had a hand towards the destruction of man. His favorite being demonic possession. Teaming with demands as they slowly pick apart one's soul. A curl, but clever move, hiding behind a wall known to man as mental instability when faced with these cases. Regardless, if anyone of those vessels fall from Gods grace, we will have no choice but to destroy them. A heavy price to pay for any who is chosen for Lucifer shalt grant any mercy onto those God favors.

So, our journey begins, one of great measure. For the longer these vessels stand unprotected, a greater chance man will fail to survive, dammed for all eternity below the debts of the underworld.





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