"When You're In That Place"



That place, which calls no place its home, resides within the mind. With lies, distortions and deception it smugly thinks there are none that can resist its power. Depression is its name. Yet, even it has an "Achilles heel". How to shorten your "stays" there.

When you're in that place of anguish and torment

Feeling agonizingly alone

It is tempting to think you should set up residence

And call the wretched place your home

Totally devoid of windows and doors

The only things greeting you

Are cold, bottomless floors

No, nothing even hangs on the walls

No aesthetic, personal, human touch

This bleak and most austere of accommodations

Confirms it is as much

Its' lie that escape is not the way that you came in

The prisoners confined here, to what must have been

Conceived in the mind of the Devil himself

Where one prematurely prays for death

Seemingly a blessing in itself


Four walls and a ceiling that move inwards by the hour

Its deception convinces one they have been robbed of all their power

In this incarceration of ungodly design

Horrifying outcomes feed upon the mind

Day after day one can linger there

No fleeing from this ubiquitous destiny

Nourished by the very darkness of night

Deprived of sleep, hope, appetite and finally faith

This cubicle of pitiful always finds more things to take


What I describe, this abominable place

Calls no place its home, nor is it easily seen

But, is a destination vastly removed

From peaceful and serene

This room resides within the mind

Grows ever smaller, until one feels confined

Depriving prisoners of their sense of self-worth

Depression is its' name — with power scarce believed

It lives only to smother and artfully deceive

One arrives by many paths, growing less clear by the day

Upon arrival to this garish dwelling

One can believe it is to stay

But, listen to one who found the keys to the only door

My stays there cut short, by praying to endure

By living "Just for today"

And keeping one's thinking limited to twenty-four hours

You will definitely shorten your "stay"

In artful deception, depression smugly thinks

There are none strong enough to resist its' power

Triumphant in what it believes is its' greatest hour

As another victim is snared


Yet, do not give up hope

For I, like many others, know depression's greatest flaw

Its' weakness, fragility and Achilles heel

And can firmly say without a doubt

Its' deception and distortions are not real

No, the keys to escape lie within your very hands

Take heed from someone who understands

Freedom will always be within your grasp

Cry to God Himself for help; He will surely help you

To stand firm during your "visit" and fight to the very last.


Copyright Pending — 2015 — Elaine M. Mullen — "GreenOgress-Unleashed" — in production. 

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