the old sailors



from a sealife

The Old Sailors   


    First time I went to sea, it was as a galley boy on an old ship

    after being sea-sick for two days throwing up among pots & pans

    I took a look at the crew who appeared a strange lot like

    they didn`t really exist just had come onboard for a visit from

    fog filled Saragossa where they would return as soon as this voyage

    was over, they had the night about them of torpedoed ship in a war

    when the sea burned or drowned the unfortunate.

     I took a liking to old ships there was no posing of officers the crew

     members had little in the way of discipline they did their job no one

     was looking for a favour they had lost connection with family after

     4 to5 months they left got a room at a cheap hotel near the harbour

     they felt at ease with other misfits like a pocket- thieves and tarts

     I wanted to be like them taking life as it comes not getting involved

     The old sailors had found something I could not emulate their

      peace of mind was shrouded in the mist a yearning for Saragossa.

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