The Muse & Me



That beautifully artistic but hectic struggle with that amazing muse. Every artist knows she can be so mysterious.

does she want to leave like a solar eclipse that comes then goes.

does she want to drop this relationship like a fumble never to recover it. 

does she yearn to spar with my soul just to leave it there, bare, bare like a nude hologram.

is she willing to enter into this world of fairy tale with me, even if a happy ending is not assured.

is she going to put up a fit or is she welcoming. Does the doormat read E-N-T-E-R or does it read N-O-T H-E-R-E, blotted out, faded from her memory.

does she want to lift me up like an archangel or does she want to badger me like a sniveling banshee.

is she there to be my written language and be the accolade to my creativity or will she be the demise of my intuition.

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