When They Came



Not all other Beings are friendly

Where were you on that fateful day, when they came from far away,
I thought it was the planned NASA meeting, but they had decided to stay,
Were there ships hovering and waiting over your grand city,
They unleashed their technology instantly, with no remorse or pity.

The story goes that they didn't read, their own planets warning signs,
Their planet turned against them, and became unstable in kind,
They packed up their things and proceeded to find another planet to take over,
I was drunk when they first attacked, watching my city burn made me sober.

The meeting had been televised, between NASA and one Being,
After we gave a welcome speech, I couldn't believe what I was seeing,
The Being was a flawless holograph, and their ships removed the whole sight,
With their far superior technology, it was clear they came to fight.

The Navy Army Airforce, gathered together to make a stand,
And waited for the visitors, to promptly play their hand,
It was the worst disaster in history, we though we were being clever,
But it gave the visitors the luxury, to kill all the threats together.

Now we form multiple militia's, to destroy one ship at a time,
In the beginning it was our surprise attacks, everything back then was fine,
Their technology is way too advanced, or so the bosses think,
It will only be a matter of time, till they make us all extinct.

I do believe in other Beings, the universe is way too big,
I don't think we should reach out though, and invite them to our gig,
I think that we should passively search, not to draw attention or fuss,
Just in case we start to anger, a much more advanced race of us.

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