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It would be so fun to go on this special date in my hometown. I kind of had this fantasy day plan figured out all in my head...

We're in New York City, it’s the transition from summer to fall time and were hanging out at Barnes and Noble as our first stop. I know how much you love to read and you enjoy literature so going here would be the perfect spot. We're just browsing around looking at the books and talking about all the books we read in our life time. Then we head into a Starbucks around Union Square and drink a nice hot coffee and look at the books we brought. We also learn about each other's lives and what really inspires us each day.

After our Starbucks date, we hop on the train and head on over to midtown and go over to this comic book shop called Mid-Town Comics. We stand around and have you watched me geek out on every comic book and manga books that I own or want to own. After our mini shopping of memorabilia’s of my favorite super heroes and characters, we hop back on the train and take a nice train ride to Fort Tryon Park. It’s way better than central park (in my opinion). We spend some time in the park before I surprise you with going to this special museum called The Cloisters. It has nothing but beautiful medieval architecture and decorative art pieces. It's like the MET but it has a unique atmosphere and the scenery to the gardens is beautiful. After we spend some time looking in the museum, there is this beautiful restaurant near the park and museum called New Leaf. It's so rustic and romantic that I figured we can stop there for dinner...

So yeah I just planned out my New York City fantasy date. Although it’s a fantasy date, it's still pretty cool to go on a mini tour of my hometown in my head!

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