Purpose of Life



We may not know for certain what the purpose of life is, but we do know what matters to us, and in our last hours of life when we reflect back, we may either feel fulfilment or regret. What will it take for you to feel you have lived a great life?  Answering this question helps us to get focused on what really matters.  Spending a few minutes every morning meditating on our purpose in life, will help us live aligned with our highest goals.  It is easy to lose ourselves in the stress and demands of everyday life, making a commitment to find a few minutes everyday to create a sacred space to re-align with our true intentions is paramount.  It will help us to live life on purpose, instead of in reaction mode.  Meditation is the key to staying grounded in a chaotic world.  It can be as simple as clearing your mind for a few minutes everyday, and taking a moment to connect to your intention for your life.

My intention personally is to learn self-mastery.  Without this, nothing works.  This I believe can only be done authentically by healing our shadow self.  We have to look at ourselves honestly, even those parts that we find unacceptable and unlovable.  By learning to fully love and integrate our own shadow, our conscious and unconscious, we can become whole.  By healing ourselves, we help heal the world.  Most conflicts in relationships are caused by projection, all projections come from shadow.  Accepting our shadow does not mean acting on any socially unacceptable aspects of it, which we know could cause harm or violate the rights of others, it means bringing unconditional love, understanding and compassion to those parts of ourselves we reject.  The reason our shadow was created in the first place is because we unconsciously felt unlovable.  Shadow aspects can be formed in many ways, for instance someone who experienced controlling and dominating authority figures growing up, and had their power taken away, may have fantasies of abusing power over others in their shadow/unconscious to compensate.  We may never fully remember how or why our shadow was created, but we can most certainly heal it now.

I also intend to practice unconditional love during this life.  To gain wisdom and experience from my mistakes.  To speak my truth.  To be an empowering presence for others.  To transcend fear.  To forgive.  To be a good parent and do right by my child. To support the things I wish to see in the world, and ensure that I take responsibility to never support the things I don’t believe should exist.

By reminding ourselves of our highest goals on a daily basis, we are well equipped to live a purposeful, fulfilling life.

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