Like an alibi



Those reasons we get from those who mattered once...

A mist through my way, surrounded

I spoke out of myself, it was a painful sigh

Unruly, the era of a lie

Emancipated child, the true beggar

Time spoke nothing then, loathsome and full of woe

The end had to write, the seed that you sow

My curious wits, had but a thought

It kept withering all around like the serpents prey

Like an alibi, she found reasons to say

Everything in there had the venomous I

Don’t call them yours, rose or a thorn

From the same plant, they were both borne

Sheer and seer, who was it then

A decade later, life had to take a bend

What came and what went, reasons with your pride

Every word an asp, you ruled your side

When then time will collapse and bring to you the end

Those alibis and savagery will refute to amend

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