The Person I Am In My Mind



A child's escape from a painful reality.

As I jump over the wall I wince slightly from the sharp pain of the bullet in my calf muscle. My hold over Robin tightens. The thudding of feet still follows me like a herd of hunting dogs. I strain my muscles and run faster – racing; mind racing, heart racing, racing against them, and racing against time. Suddenly, a dead-end! My eyes narrow and brow furrows. They have left me no choice but to unleash my terror on them, I think.

I come to a halt and turn around like a ninja. My dark coat flying around me. The thudding comes to a standstill. I see miscalculated victory in their eyes. My face throbs with heat as sweat trickles down my forehead and reaches the tip of my nose and stays there. It becomes irresistibly ticklish, but I don’t wipe it off. It looks cool that way and would be against the dignity of this tense situation.

They approach me as a herd of hyenas corner an injured lion. With just three feet remaining I lash out my whip, which neatly gets tied around a forearm and tug at it lightly. The body goes flying into the wall behind me with a shattering impact. Suddenly, the triumphant look wanes away and is replaced with a look of foreboding as they back off. Backing away until they become blurred. Blurring away…

And the blurred view comes into focus again. But – it is bright daylight at the dead-end in the alleyway behind my school as the burly class bullies have cornered me again. My heart is racing, my mind is racing, but my feet are trembling. Robin is trembling like a leaf in my hand. Without my Batman action figure, Robin was useless…why didn’t I just give that to them as well?! My remorse and fear coupled with the stinging cut on my knee makes me nauseous. I decide to close my eyes and enter the realm of the person I am in my mind. Hoping, it will lessen my impending agony…at least, some bit…

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