A relationship breaks that spawned a child. The woman who surely was picked to be remoulded revolted and back to the streets and the child abandoned.


I know who you are

Spoiled by a parental load of pettings

You enjoyed all as crazy as your head was,

Up somewhere by your bedside  then

The ashtray filled with butts of B&H

Your room a cloud of cannabis smoke

All these found a place to stay in that crazy head.

Corked up in there,they pop out 

Flying you on the wings of the streets

Your ripped jeans or "total destruction",

 Your nose ring and reeks of alcohol

All the talk of the town.

Your babe cries at home, an orphan with you alive

So lucky you didn't throw her in a well

Or dump her in a bin

Of   your well known stories;

You glitter and shine like gold

Your baby dull like risen from a heap of ashes

The townsfolk laugh at you always on phone

Often on the social media posting adverts of self

You upload your selfie and after all think that you

Too are a child.

When mothers gather their children

You gather your garb in a shoulder bag 

That's almost a home

When mothers cuddle their children

You despise them and say you too 

You're a child

Everything with you must get worse

Before it gets better

And for me the hinges creaks a swansong

That puts my back behind the door.



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