Beyond Summer



True love does not subtract from the one who drinks from its well, it adds life to who bow to it.


"You are drunk from the poisons of infatuation.

You are lost in fiction.

It is a vague summer romance.

You are young and indecisive,

This will merely end in thin air”

They distastefully said.

“What do you possibly hope to achieve?"

they asked.

Looking at us as rebellious young lovers.


Unpleasant events lead us to run as notorious criminals.

We ran and never looked back.

I grabbed a few dresses and rands.

We made way for the unknown.

I can only imagine Mothers face in the early hours of dawn.


As we reached a place of rest

An inception of free love occurred.

Without much awareness of our consequential deeds

We enveloped in us, in passion.

Love became stronger than us.

Stronger than sense.


It baffled them.

What I accepted and understood baffled them!

They did not dream my dreams or hope my hopes.

They did not know your touch nor your kiss.

Your soul nor your words.

They did not know you neither did they know me.


A dynamic place of internal bliss we lived in.

A place where we found and lost love.

A place where we grew young and old.

We were in high spirits.

We were carelessly happy.

Nothing would hinder our pursuit.


There were never enough hours, enough days.

The summer breeze and rains evolved with us.

Insane is how we were perceived.

We seemed desperate for love.

For attention.


We loved on our terms.

Never lending a ear to anothers sense.

We created order out of chaos.

Fashioned freedom out of captivity.

And life out of abandonment.


We achieved what they could not.

They looked at us with a defeated sense.

As rebellious young lovers.

Soulful and untainted love we cherished.

A love so sincere.

Its nakedness could not be covered by clothes.


We married in my blue dress.

You wore your khaki shorts and white buttonless shirt.

We were the ridiculously simple bride and groom.

Its funny really.

We vowed to swallow our rings if ever forced to give in.

To kick and scream with all the love we possessed.


All we wanted was to be found.

We were lost in doubt and fear.

Our need they did not understand.

We understood ourselves.

Finding bliss and tranquillity

In each other.


You were patient and kind.

Delaying the wilting of our union.

Birthing the sturdy trust and faith we shared.

You held me dearly as a new mother caresses her young.


An indescribable love and life we shared.

I saw the tainted reflection of my soul in yours

It had a home in you.

For us we did.

We climbed the mountain many would not dare to.

We surpassed the unspoken laws that threatened to untie this cord.

 The rope we so tightly held on both ends.


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