Wagon Wheels, Pilgrim



I bet Rooster Cogburn never had to deal with this shit.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Jack pulled out his gun...


Dunn woke from a cowboy wagon dream, rocking back and forth, head swimming in flies. His John Wayne gait carried him from bed wreck to shop corner where he coughed a dry fury at the check-out, spooked the cashier and with forty proof in hand scuffed the pavement home, his free hand raking sweat through his hair.


There was no key on his chain when he reached the door, just the sunflower fob, an empty weight in his pocket. She had done it at last! Backing into the street and the prairie sunset, Dunn closed his electric welling eyes.


“Take a bow, Jackie Boy! The wheels have come off!”, as a neighbour passed by walking his dog.



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