It Comes (Part 2) The Beast



Part 2 of my story. Please, any comments would be welcome.

*Low growling* "Easy, my pet" The old woman had said "your time will come soon. Very soon. He must not get away with what he has done." *Growling becomes more intense*. Globs of saliva dripping from it's mouth as sharp jagged teeth protruded from its lips. The old gypsy woman unsteadily got up from her chair and walked over to a table, on which sat a jar. This jar contained a lock of hair. Charlie's hair!!! And with knurled, old fingers, she opened the jar, took out the lock of hair, and proceeded to walk towards the beast. Before she reached the beast, she took a razor sharp knife and sliced her finger open. Dark droplets of blood fell to the floor with a sickening splat. IT looked on with an intensiveness in its eyes that could burn through lead. Watching the blood spill from the old woman's finger. Staring at each drop as it hit the floor. Hoping one day soon, to taste blood himself. Charlie's blood. The old hag ran Charlie's hair through her now blood drenched hand. She then placed the hair in its mouth. The beast closed its mouth, and in a few moments, started to tremble. It's eyes rolled back in its head so only the whites were showing. As it was in this trance-like state, the old gypsy woman mumbled some words in a language that was unrecognisable. Maybe from the ancients. When she was through uttering the strange phrases, the beast suddenly stopped trembling and just sat there still. It opened its eyes slowly. They were now glowing a deep, deep red. They burned with the fury and rage of 1000 fiery demons. It now knew what it had to do.

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