Velvet Ballroom



This was the very first poem I had accepted by Poetry, Australia in the Winter Edition 1990. I saw the guy I wrote about a few years later at a Gay Nightclub with his boyfriend! No wonder I was attracted to him as I was out by then too. He has no idea a poem about him has been published. Shoosh.

Velvet Ballroom

He wears black lipstick
Does this turn me off
No, not exactly, it
compliments the perfect angles of his face
melting paleness
Even the almost graceful slenderness of his body
which too
is clothed in black
a wildness which achedly appeals

Let's talk about his hair
shaved all round expect for a black nest on top
radical even dramatic
"He must be an actor"
as I watch him dance,
turn, move, sway in perfect time
the beats hard
sure movements
his face
a performance
The brand of his attraction

(C) Velvet Ballroom Copyright Cristina Munoz. All Rights Reserved 1990


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