The City of Light



A poem about the siege in Paris.

The City of Light


Under siege

The City of Light!

The Eiffel Tower

Now stands dark against the night!


Memorials and candlelight

The streets of Paris to dawn!

All that was loved and cherished

Now and forever gone!


Tears flow endlessly down every cheek

Hearts are forever drenched in grief!

The world looks on

With sadness and disbelief!


Our President speaks of solidarity

No commitment of real resolve!

Drips and drabbles of sympathetic words

A way out, a way to absolve!


Globally we face the depravity

Of a tortuous tormentor!

They happily rape and pillage and slaughter

In every community they enter!


Total annihilation

Should be the goal!

As an American I say

Enough of the drips and drabbles

“Let’s roll!”


Susan Asher/Copyright 2015



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