A poem about a lover's dream.

I dreamed of you this morning
Your body was pressed to mine
Your arms were wrapped around me
Your thigh was touching mine.

Your breath was warm and sweet
As it tickled my ear
What a joy it was
To hold you near.

My every sigh and movement
Was of great concern
Where you ended and I began
I could not discern.

You pulled me even closer
You placed your mouth on mine
The feel of your hand on my skin
Was indeed divine.

Slowly but surely
I opened my eyes
You met my sleepy gaze
With your own smiling eyes.

Your smiling, knowing gaze
Your words so tender and sweet
Were everything that was needed
To increase our mutual heat.

My passion and desire
Was gently fueled by you
My love for you then
Instantly grew.

My gaze met yours
As I held you close
The very first feel of you
Was what I loved the most.

My fingers held you tightly
As you finally made me yours
I could hear stars exploding
And crashing to the floor.

I gave you my body
You took it with care
My heart and soul
I will gladly share.


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