Tyranny of the Urgent






Genuineness leaps and spirals out of control Coldness unveiling Nakedness from the heavens drops a verse: “The world is fleeting; simplify the velocity of life.”

On my hands and knees splits a nation its range of seduction scorched by a fiery arrow. Cauldron of sentiments appeals to Neutrality its eyes on Purity Road.

Humanity joins Truth in singing “Flesh bears no life.” Across Luminosity weak and confused I swim through the silence of Illusion.

Around Fatherhood enigmatic visibilities run across a double-edged sword a black and white mystery sinking inside a gray fantasy.

I’m a quiet whisper sitting at my window watching The Tree of Knowledge burn inside the coral reef of my heart.

Emptiness doesn’t come knocking; it waits for your next stumble. For happiness and fulfillment stay on track

I pick up a shovel and start digging my way out of sadness. Then shedding hurry I retract my clarities. Once I was pretty beautiful I can grow again…

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