This was written by my dad in response to the shooting of MP Jo Cox

It happened in a street in Leeds,
Shots ring out, a body bleeds.
Two people with a different point of view
On whether to stay or leave the E.U.
One of them used words to help to try to explain,
Why it was they thought that Britain should remain.
The other used a gun to get his point across,
That if we were to stay then Britain would be lost.
But Jo had seen the pointlessness many years ago,
Of picking up a gun to equal the status quo.
She’d seen the devastation that violence had left behind,
And hoped one day she’d find a way to help all human kind.
But evil did a wicked thing and took Jo’s life away,
It did it in the street in the cold light of day
Twisted and deranged as the police took him away.
He shouted “Britain first”, that he wasn’t going to stay.
Now it’s not about if we stay or if we go
It’s about whether we come together to show;
That no matter what your party
Or political point of view,
We all stand together, against this evil too.

© RC 18/06/16

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