Ten hours into the future.2



2/3/2017 Some intellectual and emotional ramblings about time and space and our places in the universe. A prose set.

Time is changeable.


Perception of time is...


That's not quite right.

Time is fluid.

Our perception of time is fluid.

Humans are not machines,

so, naturally, from one second to the next...

anything AND everything

can seem different.




...yesterday I went to work.

To night shit, er, shift.

I soldiered my way there.

A forced march up each of the 27 stairs.

Check my credentials at the door

and pass through into the first inner sanctum...

that which nobody pays any mind.

Merely a threshold.


Sure it is.


So I walked in.

I dragged myself by the scuff of the neck.

Strength of will made me continue

although I had not slept.

...and lo, here is the music...

My colleagues, my friends, all absent,

none of them to join me in this fight against

and -for- humanity.




I had looked forward to sharing my pain

with my old comrades, my mates,

but, ah well... swallow it down.

Chase down the sun alone, Rob...

it's only ten hours until freedom.




There you are!

I found you.

You were hiding between photons,

so small were you,

so quiet and nondescript.

That was why I liked you.

"Hey!" I said, "I'm Rob... This is my place."

And that was all it took

to pull back the curtains of your mind

and let your Queen eyes see something

much like yourself.

For the first time.





Tomorrow slowly folded into today,

yes, it really did,

and it will do it again

and again

and again

for as long as you live.

Close your eyes.

For an instant.

A mere jiff of an instant...

What happened in those 8 hours

in which you took a vacation from your reality?

Those eight precious hours you use every day

for... nothing...


Answer: E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.


Think about the time before you knew your parents,

or your own face,

or the heart of your most loved person.

What happened in that crucial moment

between oblivion and awareness?

How to break down that second of awakening

into infinitesimally small fragments of time?


happen in such little time and space?



as humans, we think we have a handle on it,

we manage it,

we allocate it,

spend it,

waste it,

measure it,

consider it,

designate and appoint it.


all for an illusion of power and control

over our own destinies.

Pfft, I scoff again!






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