Do you really know me?



This was written for my son and his friends at school and on some levels for me as well as we have all be a victim of bullying in one way or another

Do you know who I am?

I walk to school and hug my mum goodbye
You laugh and call me stupid and pathetic
You make me cry
But do you don’t know my mum is seriously poorly 

I change for sports in another room
You say I’m scared and cowardly
But You don’t see the bruises I hide
You don’t know what happens to me at home each night

I say I’m not hungry at lunch time
You say your fat of course you’re hungry
You don’t see me hide the sandwich in my bag
You don’t see me eat it and bring it back up at brake time

I try to avoid the teacher's questions in class
you laugh and say I can’t answer because I’m thick
You don’t see the tears of shame I hide
You don’t think of my learning difficulties

I avoid the playground as much as I can
You follow me any way pushing me shoving me pulling my hair
I try to tell but you threaten to beat me
You don’t see the cuts on my arms

I sit in my room and look at the blade
I think of all the things you’ve said and done
I wonder if anyone will even notice me when I’m gone
I make the cuts
Did you ever think that you were the reason I’m gone?
Did you even think about the effect your bullying would have on me?
Do you know me?
Do you really know who I am?

I’m a victim of abuse
I’m a victim of depression
I’m a victim of a bully
Now I suffer no more

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