No child should ever be abused,no child should ever got through the kind of abuses I had to, but yet they are and no one seems to give a fuck, well i fucking do

I have often wondered how my birth mother would have felt if she new the amount of abuse her son would encounter after having to give me up due to government prejudice and inept policies of the 1950's. Sadly some sixty years later,nothing seems to have changed one iota and we as a race have to ask the important but too often ignored question of WHY?

Look deep into the eyes of the child in the photo, yes thats me,photographed in London round about the time I was leaving or had left my childrens home in Lewisham, London. Do I look like a happy child? Do my eyes glint enjoyment? or do my eyes of fire tell another story all about abuses, physical, mental, perhaps sexual and fear. Fear, of you...

So please take a moment in your busy daily schedule and do something about this ongoing problem. Sixty years is a long time to do nothing and look the other way,pretending/hoping it will all go away. It wont, until you stop it and you start by removing the thoughts that it's ok to abuse children and animals, beleive me,it isn't and until you become aware of the damage you have and are causing to the innocent,you can never hold your heads up and shout about  how far we have come as a race,because as far as I am concerned,we are still as ignorant as we were when the above photograph was taken...Kim Wheeler..aka Charlie Hunter

I wrote this poem some time ago..its called  Dont hit me..

Don’t hit me

Please don’t beat me anymore

My flesh is crying

I feel like dying

Please don’t hit me anymore

Wipe the tears from my face

Hide the fears that leave no trace

Please don’t hit me anymore

You never hear the silent screams

Only the nightmares and never the dreams

Please don’t hit me anymore

Perhaps one day this pain will end

I know only shadows but no real friends



Please don’t hit me anymore…


ps  if you want to read what happened to that kid,

then go to...


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