Confessions of the Other Woman



There is always another side of the story: I took a detour through the mind of "the other woman"- stashing all the modern day judgments and stereotypes.

I wasted way too much time. Damn! I was late.

The woman you chose instead of me holds my fate.

She taunts me and haunts my dreams at night.

Her pretty make up face mocks my pathetic


The woman you married reflects my shameful,

desperate gaze in the glass with my own defiance.


See, you put a spell on me with your smooth talk

and charm.

Like a fool, i let you dance into my heart like a ballet

dancer and allowed you to fill my head with dreams

and empty promises about leaving your wife.


Quick grins and secret trysts are now our deal


Holidays and week nights, your absence stings like

a bee.

Weekends, your presence is shortened and i am

abandoned to entertain the clock’s misery of

endless waiting.

Hasty kisses, hurried hugs and you’re gone.


Did you bring me to your matrimonial bed to

torment me?

Her scent still lingers in the room, the rude stares

of the walls judging me- make me uncomfortable.

Jealousy and envy fill my bowl like chicken soup.

I am just a sexy body, a duplicate of your wife’s

tiring soul.

Your eyes manipulate my thoughts with each gaze.

Tell me, do you see your wife’s face each time you

caress my luscious body?

Does she scream and moan the way i do?


Hear my plight you cruel son of Adam.

Listen to the woes of a woman whose beautiful

mind and curvaceous body makes you soar.

Pay close attention to her complaints under the sun.

Men judge and call me a whore; women hate me.

Women of farce greet me coyly through the streets

amidst chatter and endless gossip.

They sneer and jeer at me. They call me a shameless

home wrecker.

I ignore because i am consoled because you know my truth.

But then i ask, ain’t I woman enough?

I wear the veil of shame with pride because i am your fool,

your vegetable salad with extra cream.


I am just a woman trapped in a hopeless limbo, tangled

in an emotional web with a forbidden love.

A woeful dirge drips from my lips.

Spilling hot tears burn my skin re-affirming the hard


I am just a dalliance on the side- second place, insignificant.

A woman to feed your ego and massage your pride

whenever you feel horny, hungry and harried.


Flirty moon summons the moon, and you must make

haste to your first.

Your silence is appropriate-  hold your breath and save

your lingering mouth from making any more promises.

Leave me to my whining and endless ranting.

Hurry home! Your wife waits…

I am just the other woman.

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