You are the earth, I am the seed.Growing towards my Source, who supplies my need.The endless sun, has not yet died, my heart spills over, emptying my pride. Pours down my chest in a vain attempt-to offer best, when good is more than enough, and pride just breeds contempt.

You are the earth, I am the seed

Growing upwards towards my Source

Always supplying, all I need

The endless sun, has not yet died

My heart spills over, emptying my pride

Pours down my chest

In a vain attempt

To offer best

When good is more than enough

And pride just breeds contempt


You are the seed; I am the flower

Rising to such heights

Of amazing power

I did not know

We could possess

All these years

Of settling for less

About us, all about us

Were lies

What I was told, what I have learned

Enables me to claim the prize

Your love, for me

Which I have longed to savor

My very thoughts, You interfered

For they never did me any favor

I dwell on Whom created here

In which I have my very being

Within Your grace

There is not enough space

For all the worship You deserve

There is barely a trace

Of the bottomless reserve

Of inadequacy

Where I swam and struggled in the bits and pieces that were never enough

For me


You matured into a whole

I stand and rise

Within my soul

I stand before

He Whom I adore

And have my being, I have my being

Within Your grace, this very same place

Just choosing


Oh, that I could find the music of mind

That very personal, special kind

To offer up the Love I feel for You

Letters, symbols, accents, signs

All of them superbly combined

Still would be insufficient to explain

What You have done

Helping me overcome 

I am not the same

They barely represent, what You've done for me

A creature that once was

No longer wants to be

A shattered mess, finally torn asunder

Finding meaning

Because I have been leaning

Upon Your shoulders, and written Word

And, after all these years

Have finally heard


These ears,

So used to fears

In training

Covered head to toe, soaking wet

When it was not even raining

My tears covered my feet

But, now my life no longer spells defeat

No longer in darkness, totally confused

Not to be wasted, ill-treated or abused

Here, to choose and do Your will

Totally ready to be filled

I stand before

Whom I adore

And have my being.


Copyright Pending — 2015 — Elaine M. Mullen — "Another Place Entirely-Vol.II"      GreenOgress/Twitter

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