Uphill Struggle



Malevolence emerges after the event. The event is one’s own folly.

This is something I needed to write, I am looking for closure.  I have a ghost that needs to be exorcised.  I hope you read on but to do that you do need to concentrate for a couple of minutes.  I am going to paint the landscape and the setting for this story is everything.  You need to get both the picture and the mood scene I am now going to attempt to portray.  I am on a country road.  Hopefully it is quicker than the jammed up multilane roads I left.  OK I am hurrying but today the issue is I just want to get home hassle free.  This is a road I know well.  I love it from the days I travelled it slowly for pleasure but today I have taken it to avoid “jammed up” and the associated snails’ pace even though the other route is more direct.  It’s alright if the traffic gets a little heavy I know where I can overtake the slow stuff.  Ahead of me and another car is a big trailer vehicle.  We sweep around a graceful curve to see from our drivers’ windows a gentle uphill which is clear for hundreds of yards.  Loads of room to pass this big beast and be on our way.  At the top of the uphill is a turn to our blind side but no worry the uphill incline is more than enough to overtake times over. 

My fellow driver in front pulls out and I follow him in our joint enterprise to be beyond to slow coach.  The acceleration is thrilling and we are nearly ahead of the beast.  Then we can both see an 18-wheeler coming around the bend on the blind side, no worries we have nearly passed the obstruction.  Suddenly the guy in front has lost his impetus.  The incline has beaten his momentum and he is slowing.  His accelerator is no longer producing the ability to challenge the uphill.  I am braking and I don’t want to be.  Should I brake still harder and drop back behind my quarry?  No, no, no it is too late and I must get past.  What seemed like a breeze is getting tight.  My comrade ahead is just about squeaking ahead of the trailer cab.  I am still behind. The other big guy is on the downhill and his lights are flashing.  This is looking bad.  This is looking very bad. I pray my comrades poorly car gets better and my prayer is answered.  He surges ahead but I fear it is too late. Suddenly the tires of the trailer vehicle pour with acrid smoke as the driver hits the brakes really hard.  The screeching of the brakes is joined with blasting air horns.  The cacophony is deafening.  I am scared but it seems that I now have just enough room to escape the oncoming flashing lights.  Phew that was close! How glad I am the guy in front could recover his stalling motor. I am pleased for him as he storms away whilst I take a slightly slower pace to recover my composure.

One week later.  It was bedtime.  It is now sleep time.  I wish it wasn’t.  I see things.  I see into my companion’s rear view mirror.  I start by reading his mind.  He’s had a hard day after a hard week.  Some idiot is tailgating him after he starts to overtake this big truck.  He hates this person as though this person is responsible for his hard week.  As he stares into the mirror his foot slackens on the accelerator.  He sees a heavy load heading down the hill and he sees disquiet in his mirror.  His foot stays slack on the accelerator and he smiles.  The headlights are flashing and he smiles more.  He is level with the front of the trailer but the choice to accelerate past it escapes him.  He plans a spurt of speed that will come too late to avoid the fool he hates plunging headlong into the thundering headlight flashing monster ahead and he smiles again.  He accelerates at the last minute but hey, the stupid trailer brakes and wrecks his plan.  The dumb fool squeaks in behind. “Bugger!”

 Two weeks later.  Three weeks later. One year later.  As I break into a sweat instead of sleeping he still smiles a long leering smile and then shouts “Bugger” because he even now wants me to die and to die horribly.

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