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A robot discovers a different world where many things run similar to its world and then again not. How does a world look like where the robots rule and the humans are slaves? Chapter 1 & 2

Inspired by the music video from Daft Punk called "Tron Uprising". This is no fanfiction. Listen to the music while reading, it astoundingly fits. ;-)



I opened my eyes. Surrounded in total darkness. I hear nothing. Where am I? What happened? Why am I here? I began to look around, slowly finding the possibility to move. First with the turning of my head, then onward with the shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, my back and finally the whole torso. Further my hips, thighs, calves and in the end my feet and toes. Now that my eyes are adjusted to the darkness, I see soft light from above. Without hesitation I began to swim to the light. Noticing then there’s the surface; I was all this time under water?

As I reached the surface, I realized the light came from the city that stood tall before its shores and me. But everything looked differently, the shores held no sand or pebbles but firm black metal with green-bluish light that remind me of veins in the human body. All the buildings of the city had that same colour and same architecture style as the shores. It gave an eerie effect and appeared very unnatural and well, robotic to my eyes.

Knowing I am in clear conscience all this felt from its appearance like out of some strange vivid dream. Slowly and carefully I walked towards it. After some time, I was walking down what seemed to me to be a street but it was all deserted. I met no one. Yet that green-bluish light was the only thing that provided light. Strangely the only thing that seems natural here is the water and the air. Because I felt a soft cool breeze blowing through the streets and alleys. Besides the wind and the sound of my steps there was nothing else to be heard.

I did not come far as I heard a “pssst” from some corner. I halted and searched for a face, a person, anyone who made that sound. “Pssst. Over here!” Called the voice from behind me.

I turned round to see. There stood before me a young man with a boyish face. He was dressed in some sort of a diving suit all in black with black leather boots. His hair was brown, straight and short cut to the ears and his eyes were also brown, dark brown.

Suddenly everything went black. I saw nothing but heard everything and was able to move only a bit. Realizing now something covered my eyes and bound me together. While trying to free myself I heard many voices around me, mostly men but also a few women and children.

“Quickly strap him up! Don’t let it remove the blanket! Hurry we need more ropes to tie it up again! Careful, he might be dangerous! What is that thing? It looks like a man to me. Well to me something dangerous that’s for sure!”

Quickly with all my strength I was able to break my bonds and removed the blanket that covered my eyes. Once the blanket was removed, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were more people dressed in black diving suits, men, women and children.

“Everyone quick run! Hide!” Shouted a man with a similar short cut wavy, black hair. Immediately every one of them began to run away from me.

“Zzz-tz-buzz. Tz-no-zzrrrr-nnnrrrzzz-harm.” I gave out.

Placing quickly a hand to my throat. It must have been the water that damaged my voice! Strangely the rest of me is not damaged or malfunctioned. I must communicate them but how when my voice is damaged?

The man who gave the order to run was still close. Holding something in his hands, believing it would shield him from me. I presume it is a weapon. Slowly I went down on one knee to have a better eye contact and try to show respect to these people. They all were two heads smaller than me. He widened his eyes of fear and breathed through his mouth as I slowly moved a bit closer to him. I placed a hand over the strange weapon that was pointing to me. Knowing he can harm me with it in some way any moment. Pushing it slowly and gently down to the ground.

“rrttzz-nozz-rrzz-harm” I tried to speak with all my strength, looking into his ocher brown eyes.

From his look I saw he is trying to understand me with squinted eyes, I hope he does not speak a totally different language than mine. Will he understand English?

“tzzz-rrrrtzzzzzz-rrrrrrmmmm” That is it. My voice is now of absolute no use.

“Papa!” Cried a young boy in the distance running towards the man and me without stretched arms. He appears to be around five or six years old due to his size and movement.

“No! Don’t come any closer! It could be dangerous! Go to your mother, Harek!” Called the man fearfully to the running boy.

“Papa!” Cried Harek again in tears and his arms still reaching for his father and running. Suddenly he tripped and fell. The man who is also a father wanted to run but stayed and looked up to me with grief as if I threatened him to remain on the spot. Slowly I walked to the boy called Harek and gently helped him up with one hand.

He gave a short giggle. “You’re very warm.” Spoke Harek merrily while holding the tip of a finger from my hand that I used to help him up. I smiled to his notation. No human would have noted that in my world.

Suddenly from behind me I heard a loud roar approaching by the second. Quickly without thinking I winced together and crouched over the boy in a protective position. The next I felt a stinging pain from one spot and began to spread within moments in my whole body and total darkness went before my eyes.


For a long moment I saw only darkness and heard nothing. Then slowly in the distance, growing louder by the minuet I heard many voices talking into each other. It sounded not a conversation anymore but rather a great big noise. With a bit of concentration, I was able to follow their talks.

“No one has answered my question! Is it dangerous? It’s hard to say. It’s not hard to say! It’s right before your very eyes; he helped the little Harek and even gave a protective impression as his father, Derik, attacked him from behind. I don’t know. It tried to speak but I think its voice is broken. What is it exactly? It looks like some robot to me. It could be.”

While listening I began to see light and many small shadows moving around me. Soon my focus was clear and began to blink.

“Careful! It’s coming to its senses!” Called a woman. Close from my left side.

Slowly I began to sit up and looked to my surroundings. There were people everywhere. Some held some sort of a weapon in their hands while others made space from me.

“P-ppp-please-III-mea-me-mean-nn-no-hhrr-harm” Holding quickly a hand to my throat. I can speak! They must have fixed my voice.

“Hold it everyone! It’s trying to speak.” Remarked the same woman from before, holding firmly to her weapon that I noticed from before while the other hand rose to the height of her shoulders as a halting gesture. Her long reddish-brown wavy hair was tied to a loose bun and her grey blue eyes flickered with tension.

“I-I-I-me-mean-no-no-hr-harm” I tried to repeat clearer.

Slowly the woman let her weapon sink to the ground. Many others hesitated but did in the end the same; all but one. The man who I believe his name is Derik and attacked me while I was helping up his son, Harek. I recognized his face. There was a blank expression but his balled fists trembled.

“Bring him out before he does something stupid.” Spoke another man, pointing to him. Quickly two men brought him out of sight.

Slowly and cautiously the woman took few steps closer to me. I did not move because I do not want to scare her and the others. They all wore the similar black diving suit design. Is it a uniform or simply their fashion?

“Don’t go too close, Mareiha!” Called one of the men concerned to her, reaching out a hand to her.

She did not listen and kept her eyes fixed to mine, as if trying to read my mind. Soon she stood before me. She lifted gently and slowly my right hand. Inspecting it carefully. I barely felt her touch because her hands were so small. Suddenly for a brief moment she chuckled and grinned. “Young Harek was right. You’re warm.” Mareiha whispered. She quickly turned round and announced. “It is alright. It’s not dangerous.”

“Well I’m not convinced.” Recalled the man with the boyish face whom I saw at the beginning, crossing his arms in protest.

“Yet Gallagh, not yet.” Noted Mareiha back with a wink. “I need two electricians to help me fix him properly.” To my surprise two men stepped forth to volunteer with hesitation within few moments. Mareiha turned to me. “Now lay down. We will fix you up the best we can. At least your voice to speak.”

Without hesitation I lay down and placed my utmost faith in their hands. Barely believing that I have come this far in such a short time and barely having the patience to thank them.

“I think it’s best to start with the voice.” Said one of the electricians to the other. Consulting to one another the situation like doctors in an operating room.

Immediately fear overwhelmed me and looked to Mareiha who stood close beside me. She gasped of surprise as she looked at me. Realizing I can feel fear. Slowly she walked to my hand and held onto my finger gently. To my astounding, it calmed me a great deal.

“And we’re done.” Said one of the electricians with a broad grin of satisfaction after a long time.

“Wow! He looks as good as new.” Wondered Mareiha, her eyes wide of surprise. Taking few steps away from me to have a better look. I looked at my hands and legs. Why, they even polished me!

“Thank you. Thank you for fixing me. I- I can talk clearly again. How can I return the favor?” I gave astounded.

“Telling me what you are, what you call yourself and how did you get here?” Responded Mareiha, sitting close in front of me, crossing her legs.

For one brief moment I could not speak, not because of my voice but of her. She trusts me.

“I am what my creator calls me, a robot. I come from a different world where people like you are same as tall as I am and hold many different cultures, none like yours. There are many robots like me in that world and all of them have a lower worth in the society, like a slave. Demanded around with orders and at worst misused. Sadly, I can’t recall how I came here. Except finding myself under water and discovering this place.” I explained.

Mareiha was for a moment silent. “Do you have a name?” She asked.

“No, I was always called a robot or just what words one can use when you talk to a stranger.”

“This is outrageous Mareiha! Treating this thing as if it were one of us.” Intruded a man whom I never saw before. It was an elderly man in his mid 50s. He had few white hairs and a short greyish beard. Two younger men accompanied him. One of them was Gallagh. He gave me a stern and cold expression.

Mareiha stood up and faced him. “Dad, do you know what you’re saying? This, what you dare to call a thing is more than what meets the eye! This robot is more than a robot and his history has in common with ours.” Recalled Mareiha confidently, gesturing a hand at me.

Her father quickly took her firmly by the hand and drew her closer to him. He whispered something to her that made her furious. She shook off his hand as her pale cheeks blushed. “How dare you! Who is outrageous here is rather you! I’ll stay put with what my inner voice says and that’s trusting him!”

“Stop talking of it as if it were a human!”

“You are my father but demanding me how to see, talk or think is my doing! It’s my life! This is my mind, my hands, my eyes Dad! Not yours! Amongst our people many chose me to lead, so let me lead.” She noted while gesturing to her head, hands and eyes.

“Indeed. Do not forget your place and responsibilities, Mareiha. You’re all what I have left, you’re my daughter.” Spoke Mareiha’s father sorrowful, holding gently her hand with a softer voice.

“I’m sorry Dad, but don’t worry. Everything’s under control. I love you.” Said Mareiha calmly and kissed him on the cheek. Her father smiled and gave kiss on her hand and left without saying another word. Gallagh threw a last suspicious glance to me before leaving. Why is Gallagh so suspicious of me?

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