Stern Bears (Part I)



Part one of a tripartite story/poem of three bears (part 2 & 3 coming next week) Only 111 words!

Once upon a long forgotten time
An elderly trespasser began her crime
In that quiet wood, at its secret shack
She dawns her hood, and eschews looking back
Its residents away, assuredly she'll stay
To eat, and rest her vertebrae

In an ursine palace which from far looked fair
Gilded mimicry of paradise, softly did her bones entice
With wafting fragrances most nice
Counterfeits everywhere, ‘twas truly threadbare
Malignly they’d lied
Striving to misguide
And poverty hide

The big bowl awaited, feverous steam arose thence, boiling porridge scalded her
The medium bowl’s icyness made the air condense, quickly frigid oats deter
A miniscule dish made her lose all sense, ideal warmth overwhelmed her

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