The Boy



The story tells of a boy who overcomes adversity through perseverance.

Ewan McGregor wasn't the brightest student at school.Back then,he had his critics in numbers.Ewan had a modest childhood and lived with his mom and dad in a small cottage on the highlands of Scotland.At school he took a particular interest in reading.
At the age of twelve Ewan left school,because his parents could no longer afford the school fees.His dad became unemployed after the factory he'd worked at closed down.It was a difficult time for the family,but the McGregors scraped through the hard times with dad doing odd jobs here and there to support the family.
Even after he left school Ewan continued to read.Whether it was a news paper,magazine or paperback,he would devour it.He would have his household chores,but no matter how busy he was,he'd always make time for some reading.As the months and years went by,Ewan became sort of an expert at certain subjects.He became more intellectual and mature at an early age and soon he was able to give sound advice to people,to the extent that they were willing to pay,and they did.Ewan's reading continued through his adolescence.By the age of twenty,he had built up so much knowledge and an impeccable vocabulary.He had to apply it somewhere,and so his love for reading blossomed into writing.

Well,as it turns out,Ewan McGregor went on to become a bestselling author and world-renowned motivational speaker.

The moral of the story is that hard work applied consistently,everyday,will pay off eventually.


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