Ntuthu The Mountain's Child 2



This is the second part of the mountain's child's story.

Ntuthu the Mountain's Child 

Part 2

After we helped the traders to build the new market we took a walk along the path they use to travel from other villages. One of the traders told us that Witty was trying to destroy their travel routes so that he could create his own path that he would control. We knew that all the villages along the path had good warriors protecting them except for our village.

I had always wanted to see more traders coming to our village because we did not have many of the supplies but some traders feared coming to our village because they knew Witty was close to our land and he attacked so many travelers along our paths. The traders had asked some of their warriors to come and protect our new market. That is when Baku and Baku two of the best warriors agreed to come to our village. We told them we would meet along the path from their village.

We had been walking for a while when we decided to rest. Then as l looked down the path l saw a cloud of dust and horses rumbling up the path l told Khosi and the traders to hide so we could see who was coming. Now as these people came closer l realized it was Witty’s warriors wearing their strange colored clothes. They had captured two men “Baku and Baku”!!! We all held our breathe and let them pass then at once we looked at each other in fear. How had these strong warriors been captured l wondered and how would l be able to help them escape.

The bush that l was laying next to was known as dead monkey berries, l thought to myself in silence that would be the solution. The name of this small tree was given to it when some villagers found half dead monkeys around the tree. The monkeys’ mouths were stuffed with these berries and it looked like they had fallen half dead while eating. The villagers then used these berries to make their enemies to sleep for days.

I thought of how l would use these berries against Witty’s men because for me to give them the berries l had to be close to them which means they would catch me.”Caught”!!! That was the plan l was going to be like the famous ant that defeated a bull elephant. I would allow myself to get caught.

I took my blown arrow flute and the dead monkey berries Khosi and the traders followed me behind as l sneaked closer to Witty’s men. I took my arrows and covered the tips with dead monkey berries then one by one l blew the small arrows striking witty’s men. They did not feel anything but when l saw that the berries’ juice had entered their body l started shouting at them to free Baku and Baku. They came chasing me n l ran away so that Khosi and the traders could hide close to the camp. After l saw that l was far from Khosi l stopped and the men caught me then took me to the camp.

I was tied down with the Baku brothers while Witty’s men went to celebrate capturing me not knowing that dead monkey berries had entered their bodies. I sat there waiting for nature to do its work and after a few minutes the men started falling asleep. Just like the ant inside the bull elephant’s nose waited for the elephant to crush its self against the trees and rocks until it died l was also destroying the giants from the inside.

The Baku brothers laughed as we watched witty’s men fall asleep while they were still discussing their plans for us. Khosi and l had found a safe way to communicate in unsafe situations like the birds we would whistle messages. As soon as the last men fell asleep l whistled to Khosi to come and free us he responded and came out of hiding. He came with the traders and they cut the ropes that had tied us. We got up and ran to the top of Bhubesi Mountain.

Witty’s men got up after a while and we watched everything from the top of the mountain and Khosi started throwing the dead monkey berries down the mountain.  The warriors were still weak from the poison they could not see us as they walked across the river to Witty’s house. We also walked to the village after that to finish our work at the new market. Baku and Baku also helped us until the market was opened.

The elders rewarded me and Khosi during the opening ceremony we became the village’s youngest warriors although we would not go around with the other warriors they trusted us to watch what was happening around our lands and to tell them about any dangers in the area.

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