The Son of God



God I am angry...

O lord, I know you are listening the cry of my children

I know you can see the scared & tired faces

I know you can feel the hunger of my family

I know you are a witness to these brutality cases

Today you are guilty of the world you made

Today you are guilty for the words u said

You said you are my father and you created this world

If it is so the whole world is my house as it belongs to my father

But still am called a refugee in my own house

I am seen as a stranger in every few miles

I am asked to leave the land and the water

I keep seeking shelter from one place to after

I plead my brothers to accept me in their family

More than my self I am doing it for my family

Even I am a father and I can't see my children crying

You are not my father, I know you are lying

If it was so, you wouldn't let me cry

Tell me the world u didn't make,

my soul wants to flyToday,

here I break all my beliefs

I am not expecting from you any more reliefs

You are not a good father but am a good son

Will make you happy and see all the fun

I will not kill my self neither will elope

Nor will believe you neither will keep hope

Just remember one thing oh heartless lord

Don't send a messanger tomorrow calling himself

"The son of God".

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