A Christmas swish, a mythical fish, a universal wish.



Forgive the harshness


 Let peace be on Earth and good will toward all? These days, it seems, that's an order too tall.

I preach of this dearth everyday in my hall in my saucy sea spray and word odor scrawl.

A tale of twelve days but, a years worth of ways I could scrawl this all over my wall!

In my world weary daze and  surly displays, I call with a lone voice so small...


 We're not here to fight! Might never makes right! I've ranted and raved 'til I'm blue.

Black versus white, the refuge plight, the ignorant spite of political spew!

Our poisoned planet! What's wrong with us?! Damn it! Can it be we're just destined to screw?!?

Religions that cram it, fanatics that fan it, I can't stand it or to do this to you...


 You'll forgive my malaise, it's a holiday phase. I was raised to encourage and praise.

I could live out my days in this solitary craze and amaze at our malevolent ways.

But in songs that I make, every moment I'm awake, I pray the soul of Christmas just stays

and as long as I wake, here in each breath I take, for our sake, a trail of love, I'll still blaze.


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