Meditation 53 (Truth and Self)



Inspired by the teachings of Patanjali.

There is only one Truth:

Truth, the All in One.

Each culture

dresses Truth in the precepts

of its peculiar traditions--

the dictates of its own scripture.

Truth is not by

traditions, precepts, scripture,

nor culture.

Truth, the All in One

is Truth.


There is only one Self:

Self, the All in One.

Each individual is a part

of the All in One.

We each think

in our own way,

adorn our bodies

to express individuality,

behave according to

what ethics we have

been taught.


Self is not defined by

our thoughts, our bodies,

nor our actions.

We do not define Self;

Self defines us.


We are the One.

we are the All.

We are one Self;

we all share One Truth.

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