/ Three

There is no explanation. No direction. No end result. Just a beginning & an end.

the b eginning. Ofan eperiment into Time, an eploration of S pace. David Bowie's last album.. Amy's last song.. te death's of our heoes.. fi write fast h kys fst etype les t asy. I said, if  i write fst, tpe fast, the ty elopes elopes pe ees. there's fault here. there's fault n the hgh wire is ied with wuld e aers othe res, wth old be would be wlkers of the ropes...the lwns te the clowns all down blow e ebbbbbbbbbbbeeeeeeeelllllllooooowwwwwwww All filled with custard.. the lon liiiioooonnnnssss tooo al raaavvveeennnooouuusss, alllowwwiiinnnnggg uusss toooo faaallll. 


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There's more where that came from!