Demons inside us



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"Have you ever met the demons that live inside us?" she asked.
He shook his head slightly fearful.  "I don't know what your talking about."
"But you do," she assured him, her head slightly tilted as she studied him.  
"We all have them inside us.  Some of us are strong though and can silence them.  
Others of us are weakened by the strength of the demons and become their slaves."
"W-Which are you?" he asked though he was certain he didn't want the answer.
She smiled, pouring them both a cup of hot tea.  "Oh I neither control or fall victim
to my demons," she told him.  "I have met mine face to face and we have an understanding."
"What are you talking about 'understanding'?" he asked, his patience with this woman thinning.
"What are these demons you speak of?  Are you talking about the black dog?"
Her smile slowly vanished as she stared at him through the steam raising from his now full cup of tea.  
She shook her head.
"The demons are not the black dog," she told him firmly.  "They are what live inside us.  We all have them...
even you do.  Maybe you have met them when you stood at the playground watching whilst another child pushed
your own to the ground causing them to cry.  Maybe instead it was when you watched the laziest employee at
your work get the credit from your employer for the job you did.  Maybe it was when you knew there was only
one piece of cake left and you took it before anyone else could."
He shuffled his feet uncomfortably.  He had lived these experiences this woman spoke of.  They filled him
with hate and anger and...
She smiled then as if having sensed his moment of realization.
"So you know what the demons are now," she said.  "I wonder if you will be strong enough to control them
or if they will make you their slave until you feel as if your whole existence is little more than your corpse
being dragged around."
He stepped towards her.  "You said you have met them.  How?  Tell me how you have done this?" he demanded.  "Tell
me what you mean!"
She stared at him for a long time until he feared she would never answer him.
"It is very simple," she finally said.  "To meet your demons you must simply open the door and offer them
a cup of tea."

- Demons inside us, by Faye Hall, author

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