Gaze Into Me



The feel of the warmth deep inside me brought me back down to earth and into your gentle gaze...

There's this lustful feeling in the pit of my stomach the moment you looked at me. Just that one glance sent my whole world on fire. Feeling your eyes from across the bar made me wonder how I could still stand to leave with you from the bar.

That same pitted lust in my stomach has now traveled to my heated mound as you start to straddle my hips.

As you lay me on the hotel bed, you start to bite my neck and it starts to send shivers down my spine.

I arch my back from the sensation as I felt your lips travel from my neck to my stomach.

I could feel your lips wrap around my moist clit and flick open my desires.

One moan, one whimper from my lips makes you go faster and put your delicate fingers into my soaked snatch.

One moan, one sigh from your lips as you taste my juices into your mouth and I start to squirm from my position.

You hold me down by my waist as you gazed into my eyes and I started to come all over your full lips.

You taste every last drop of me; you have me taste what I gave you from your delicious lips.

You start to hold me down by my wrist as your hips and cock guided itself and steady went into me.

My screams and panting echoed throughout our blissful space and I can hear your heart hammering in your chest as you were hammering into my soaking pussy.

I start to taste the whisky from your mouth as you pin me to the bed and I moan deeply into your mouth.

The blissful sound of our bodies connecting only brings me closer to the edge.

The slapping of our skin and the juices that flowed through my cunt onto your throbbing cock made you move your hips faster and harder.

Just as your name was on the tip of my lips, you bellowed out my name into my mouth and your seed into my pussy.

The feel of the warmth deep inside me brought me back down to earth and into your gentle gaze...

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