A Mage's Power (Journey to Chaos book 1)



Due to 'help' from a mischievous trickster, Eric is stranded in a world where monsters and magic are as common as homework and hotdogs. While he struggles to adjust, he receives an offer to join a mercenary guild. Between training and missions,

At the cafeteria entrance, Aio inserted his bronze crystal into a brown cube on the greeter's desk. The crystal glowed slightly and the guy waved Aio in.

Eric recognized some items on the line: lettuce,strawberries,and some kind of pasta. Other things,he had no ideawhat they werelike a meaty-looking thing with a green band around the middle and yellow zigzag. As he reached for it,its middle opened and the yellow zigzag teeth snapped down on his fingers. He yelped. Aio laughed and rapped the thing'stop. It let go and fell on Aio's tray.

"Roomy, a little advice,"Aio said. "Don't eat anything that looks like teeth."

"Then why are youeatingit?"

"It tastes good if you know how to deal with it."

The pair sat down and Eric eagerly dug in. Once again,he was amazed at the food's incredible taste. Just like the berries and water from the forest,it was like eating energy itself. He felt good enough to run up ten flights of stairs and back again.

"Never tasted food like that,have you?"Aio asked. "That'smana-richfood."

For the second time Eric asked, "Isn't mana the same stuff that makes monsters?"

"Yep! Mana is the source of all life."


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