O The Onion, Mysterious Rose



An Ode to an Onion. "O the Onion. Mysterious rose with transparent petals. Sprung from the depths of mother earth...Each more beautiful. But not revealing itself. Elegantly protected. Under soft silk colored scarfs. Like a lady in summer. with green ribbons. And clouds. with no color...'


O the Onion

Mysterious rose with transparent petals

Sprung from the depths of mother earth

Rounded, elongated, big and small

Red, pink, brown and white

Each a gift

Each more beautiful

But not revealing itself

Elegantly protected

under soft silk colored scarfs

Like a lady in summer

With green ribbons

And clouds

with no color.


O the Onion

You mesmerize

In your transparent mystery

you hold deep your crystalline beauty

and your sweet self you hide

You bring us to tears

before you release

slowly, in no hurry

to warmth, to patience

your sweet aromas

And you color our food and our life

in yellow, golden, caramel, brown, and white

and your many tastes

in your generous offering

Of yourself.


O beauty that was created


inside the heart

of the layers of an onion.



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