The Future.



Decisions. Changes. What's next for us. How do we attempt to push forward when we hardly accept the past?


He lays on his bed listening

He thinks of the those films and his heart hurts

He knows that he was often alone

He clouds his feelings for no one.

The summer would drift on, and he often found time in the pointless.


But a man who knows the dream has won half the battle.

Would he conquer the physical desires of his subconscious,

or let the photos of memories gone by slither away.

A big choice lays in front of the least ready.

But are we ever ready?


No matter what, we screw up.


Disappoint others.

Hurt the ones we love.

Cry fo ourselves, when no one else will.

Just because you live with someone; doesn't make you more than roommates. 


When we think the rest is the beginning

There can only be eternity.

Where the mundane thrives,

Is the only reality.


The brain and heart don't play in tandem, they only play by ear.


































































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