Bird Turds



What I am is not other than the moment. Moments of walking through the park listening and watching.

Silenced by a blue sky
Watching seasons die
Hearing a baby’s cry.

Closing my eyes to a tangerine
Wondrous fantasy crazy and obscene.
Winds blowing
Polka-dot clowns frowning
Arrogance drowning.

I am but a breath.

Infinite capacity to love
Only with actions not above,
Life’s mystery and wonderment,
Life’s suffering and torment
Forget the search of the content.

I am but a moment.

Rules that bind
Shackles of my mind
Find not other than like kind.

No answers only words
Drifting thoughts and floating birds
Laughing dropping turds.

Tires that crash and potatoes mash
Letting go to a birthday bash.
Desperate desires for reason
Wisdom Mind escapes treason.

Remembering children roam
Grandparents moan and
Dogs love bones.

I am but a thought.

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