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Scriggler Interview series is designed to shine the spotlight at some of the more popular Scriggler contributors and to help them promote their books.

Scriggler Interview series is designed to shine the spotlight at some of the more popular Scriggler contributors and to help them promote their books.

R.B.N. Bookmark

5 Sentences about me:
1: Author in the making & Poet in the offing
2: Stubborn and at times impatient
3: A perplexed soul looking for answers
4: Addicted to Coffee & Minestrone Cup A Soups
5: I laugh between the lines –I rarely wait for the punchline.

5 Sentences about my book:

1: Hindsight & perforated toilet paper are what sets us apart from the apes……both of which were essential ingredients in the making this book.
2: Through the use of humour I found it was easier to paint a picture of a boys mundane existence & the hardships endured in 60`s 70`s post war England.
3: “I could totally see this as a TV adaptation with the young boy starting his ‘ban the barb’ protest to avoid eating rhubarb!”
4: Comedy thrives when hardship is your sole neighbour.
5: The usage of special effects writing such as…”Oh my God!” & “Shit …Shit !” is noticeable by it`s absence….sorry about.

5 Sentences about one of the books characters:
1: “Do greener pastures exist for the colour blind & how would they ever know” Ribban Bookmark
2: Ribban is not an evil person but he finds solace in the strangest of places.
3: If Ribban wore teflon coated shoes, the dog poo would still stick!
4: He is stuck between two worlds, & is unable to fit into either of them.
5: Ribban Bookmark is a real person & we see him everyday wherever in the world we are.

Why I think people should read A Minger`s tale-Beginnings:
Eventually we learn from our mistakes, some more reluctantly than others but by shining a light on those mistakes I would hope others might benefit from that knowledge.
Who Is My Ideal Reader
You are my ideal reader, the moment you pick up the book & turn the page.

Other Authors I Admire:
Raymond Carvers artistery stands out head & shoulders for me.

How I am approaching The Promotion Of The Book So Far:
I have a presence on Scriggler, Goodreads, Facebook & Linkedin. At present I am focussing my ineptitude on getting a website up and running.

What Resources Are You Using, What Events are you attending?
Living abroad as I do my resources are particularly limited to the internet. Events and such are unfortunately never in the picture, which is why Scriggler is so important as one of the platforms that is available for my work.

Cover Design & Editing –Who Did You Use & How Was The Experience?
I designed the cover myself and employed the services of Createspace to give it a more professional look. Five rounds of copyediting, proofing and edits mostly done by Createspace. The book was finally ready on 28th march 2016 done
It was not a perfect experience I have to admit, One of the proof copies I received had half it`s cover missing.
But now I´m more the wiser if less a few dollars.

I do not have a newsletter, it is mainly via Scriggler & Twitter I keep folk abreast with the latest that is happening.

Favourite Author/ Publication On Scriggler:
Many favourites I have to admit, but one in particular I would like to mention is Jonathan Francis Finch. I had the great pleasure to write a review review of his book Collected Selected Words: UK. Italy &Thailand.
A very accomplished writer and poet and I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing his book.

Print Or Ebook?
My book is available as both, to be honest I am still a paperback sort of guy so both mediums are fine by me. But I will always plump for the non eco friendly variant given the choice……I wonder how much of the Amazon rainforest has been Harry Potterized? Nope I´m not in that league ….yet!

I love having my work reviewed, whether it be good or bad review I am always non plussed that folk want to read my work, let alone review it.
So any reviewers please contact me here on Scriggler or email me rbn.bookmark@yahoo.com


R.B.N.'s Scriggler Profile: https://scriggler.com/Profile/mark_bookmark_ribban

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R.B.N.'s website: http://www.rbnbookmark.com/


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