I see you



When you are not of the mainstream, for whatever reason you aren’t, more often than not you are met with incomprehension, with hostility and sometimes outright aggression. It would mark a great evolution in the world if this weren’t the case.

I see you there, as you see me

And I see your struggle as you try to categorise

                                                             To rationalise

To compartmentalise the box in which you want me to be.


I see, I do

As you are confronted with something new;

A thing outside your comfort zone.

I feel the rejection seep right out of you,

And the best I can hope for

                           Is that you choose to leave me alone…


I am difference, I am change, I did not ask to be this way.

You are stasis, you are the same, and you hate I am in your today.

I am, unwittingly, and unwanted, a mirror for your values.

You see me and make presumptions,

But out of woeful ignorance and justifications that aren’t true.

But you make them anyway

             And I am victim of your actions.


I see you, as you see me

Without ever really seeing

That I am human just like you;

And I see that you don’t like that

That you wish that wasn’t truth.

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