8 Reasons Generally Assumed as Motivators for Writing Book



If you tell someone you are writing a book... well, the responses are various, and what people think that motivates you is sometimes unbelievable.

Aspiring, published, but above all independent authors experience various reactions from their surroundings. Just imagine you tell someone you are writing a book. I guess you can also imagine the reactions. Hereby I listed some of the most common opinions of non-writers getting aware of their friend trying to write a book. Just go through and tell me you have never met with those. Suarprise me, please.


  1. Plenty of time – responses like “oh, you have so much free time, don’t you?” and “you have nothing better to do?” generally assume you started to write a book simply as a time killer. Oh yes, that is definitely why I have started. Study, work and other free time activities have been too little and too boring for me. No, it is really not my passion to write.


  1. Wealth – your motivation is driven purely by money. People generally assume you see a potential high profit in writing a book and selling millions of copies worldwide and with the idea stuck in your head, the journey to richness begins with the first lines. Sorry people, bullshit. Most authors clearly understand that writing is and unstable job with usually insufficient income and their motivations lies on the opposite side of the world.



  1. Fame – usually connected with point 2. You certainly want to be famous and cannot reach the status any other way since you can’t perform anything extraordinary. This poor try to attract attention will definitely end with a disaster and oblivion, followed by the mockery of those smart asses who kept repeating “I told you that.” Yes, fame is definitely the reason why I use a pen name and even my own mother does not know I am writing stories.


  1. Madness – you must be a crazy, insane weirdo with split personality and your alter ego lives in a fictitious world completely made up by your weird brain. Okay, I admit that in order to write the story authentically and believable, author has to imagine himself / herself living in his own fictitious worlds and similarly to actors try to emphasize with the characters to make them consistent and believable. But that certainly does not mean I have a split personality and belong to psychiatry. Yes, I talk to myself, so what? Too many people do and they do not even do any kind of art or assumed art. Don’t tell me you have never talked to yourself. I don’t believe you.



  1. Egocentrism – you are so self-confident that you do not accept a failure in any area and your latest whims brought you to writing a book. You are the only one superman / superwoman the world is waiting for to save their mental development by reading your story. Oh come on, people, save your sarcasm for real idiots and let us writers use it to tease our readers. If we success, okay, our self-confidence level may rise, but so far many aspiring and talented writers are hiding themselves and struggle with the desire to publish because their self-confidence is close to zero. The other half is absolutely normal.


  1. Parents – or friends or whoever else, but people generally assume it was not your idea to start writing but someone else persuaded you to start and this idea certainly has not come from your own mind. You are not the type of person dedicated to write and you are only a dancer in someone’s hands using your writing skills. Believe me; I really don’t understand where the hell this opinion came from.  



  1. Talent and Inspiration – finally we get to the supportive part. It is sad that only a minor part of the list is positive and supportive to the poor human being trying to formulate his or her thoughts in the hope to please people around us. If you are incredibly talented and creative, the inspiring ideas come easily on your mind and you have no problems to work with them as it comes, then congratulations. If your surrounding notices the fact as well and doesn’t try to ruin your effort by envy, sarcasm and disbelief, you are the winner.



  1. Passion – maybe you are not the utterly natural talent with skills fallen from heaven without any training, but the people around notice your passion for writing stories and understand your need to put them on a paper. You gain education in the literary area and continually improve your abilities to write so that people enjoy your work. Congratulations, if you have not given up, don’t do it and you are certainly the greatest winner for me.  
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