Paper aeroplane



13/6/2017 A piece about life, control and attachment

This paper aeroplane

whipped from my soft, pink hands

by vicious winds.

I tethered myself to it,

to my plane,

fragile and rare as my hopes

and all the care I invested in its creation...

I tethered myself,

a gossamer string of soul linking us,

stretching out and away

as my plane sailed further and further

into the blue and tarnished sky.

My own blue turned upwards,

to grey and purpling covers,

like quilts pulled to the chins of the gods.

Thunder claps threaten my paper craft,

lightnings jab and tear at my gossamer thread...

yet we remain attached,

though ever so far apart.

I will my sight to its prow

so that I may journey with it,

so I may see what it sees...

far, distant and strange lands,

clearing skies and purest air.



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